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Zarpar Bebe Wrap Baby Carrier
Zarpar Bebe Wrap Baby Carrier
Zarpar Bebe Wrap Baby Carrier
Zarpar Bebe Wrap Baby Carrier
Zarpar Bebe Wrap Baby Carrier
Zarpar Bebe Wrap Baby Carrier

Zarpar Bebe Wrap Baby Carrier

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Comparing The Zarpar Bebe Carriers...

Still trying to decide which carrier is best for you?  Here's a detailed summary to help you compare our 2 gorgeous carriers.

The Snap Carrier is designed as a modern version of the traditional Wrap Carrier.
When both Carriers are worn they feel very similar to each other, they both have a beautiful snug fit.

or those who love tradition and the snug and close feeling a wrap carry gives you.  A simplified take on a traditional Baby Carrier design, ergonomically shaped, providing optimum support and security for baby and carer.  Perfectly lightweight, these carriers are the ultimate accessory for summer adventures. 


For use with babies from birth until well into Toddlerhood.  Weight range 3.2 kg - 18 kgs. 


1. Grows with your baby 

Tall body panel means your carrier grows as your baby grows.  For smaller babies or newborns simply fold the waist to shorten the body.

  • Panel Height adjustable from 30cm - 47cm 
  • Seat Width adjustable from 18cm - 46cm 
  • Shoulder Strap Length 200cm 

Permanent elastic cinch at waist to adjust the seat width as needed for smaller babies and to forward face your baby. 

See our video tutorials, tips and tricks here.


2. Multiple ergonomic positions

Front Newborn carry, Front Infant carry, Forward Facing carry, Hip Carry and Back carry options to provide a natural, ergonomic position best for long term, comfortable carrying that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby


3. Fully Adjustable padded shoulder straps

Soft Bamboo padding through shoulder straps to create a carrier as close to nature as possible.

Wide shoulder straps provide optimal neck & shoulder comfort.  Straps cross in an "X" across your back to help evenly distribute the weight of your baby promoting better posture for the wearer. 

Long straps means no need to adjust between multiple wearers.

Discreetly breastfeed on the go with a simple adjustment of the straps


4. Padded supportive waistband 

Padded bamboo waist band provides superior comfort for longer wearing to help evenly distribute weight.  It offers a buckle fastening for ultimate ease of use.


5. Permanent hood

Comes with permanent elasticized hood to support baby's head while sleeping, sun, wind or rain protection while out and about, and extra privacy while feeding.


6. Breathable & lightweight material

Made using soft and breathable 100% Linen ensuring total durability making sure you and bub stay cool.  

Front panel made from handwoven Allo & Cotton sourced from the rural regions of Nepal.  

The Snap Carrier is perfect for those with busy lifestyles or those who just love simplicity.
It is very simple to put on and takes only a second, making running errands, school runs or just a walk on the beach a breeze.
By making an easy adjustment to the straps, you can discreetly breastfeed wherever you are.

The Wrap is for those who love the snug feeling a wrap carry brings.  
There is some learning in tying the straps, but with a little practice, it is very quick and easy.  It is suitable to use from birth and can we used well into Toddlerhood (up to 18kgs), so comes with additional versatility.
A traditional Asian style carrier dating back centuries, it really is a beautiful way to carry your bebês.  

Our Carriers are surprisingly comfortable.  The Zarpar Carriers when worn in a front inward facing position, the straps cross over your shoulders making an "X" on your back and doesn't force you into a hunched position.  This allows the weight to be distributed evenly across your torso. It promotes excellent posture by pulling your body into a naturally straight stance.

Both carriers fold up to fit perfectly into your Nappy bag or stow under your pram without taking up too much valuable space! 

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