Why was Sprout Baby Co. started?

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Pink hearts and "Mommy's Little Princess" clothing for girls, trucks and lions and soccer balls for boys. This is what we see so often, right?! There are subtle and not-so-subtle messages sent when we dress our kids in gendered clothing. But let's be real, it's cheap. It's easy to come by. It's often handed down to us from other generous parents.

But clothing that reflects/projects gender roles and expectations impacts our whole society! There is an impact on how our kids are treated, and an impact on how our little ones see themselves. "You are such a sweet, cute little princess!" I've literally heard my daughter say while wearing a little pink dress - "I need a prince to rescue me!" Ok, ok, I know it's not just the dress that is teaching her this storyline. It's the shows she watches, the kids she plays with, the things she picks up on from books. But dressing up like a princess (and it being frowned on that her little brother experiment with that experience) gives her a chance to embody the role and try it on. When it's something she wears every day, she's trying on the society's take on little girl femininity - that her cuteness, her appearance, her sweetness, is what makes her valuable. It's not her strength, her wit, her humor, or her tenacity that people comment on. 

Another example: "Oooh, look at your lion shirt! Do you like to roar like a strong lion?" One of the messages this kind of comment sends is that your value, little boy, is in your power, your strength, your roar. And those comments come easily, and quickly, when little boys are so very often seen wearing trucks, cars, sportswear, or fierce animals. 

Sprout Baby Co. was started because easily accessible and affordable baby and toddler apparel is so very gendered, and enough is enough. Spending $70 on a solid-colored sleeper may work for some, it doesn't work for everyone. We feel that investing in clothing that sends a different message is important, but it also needs to be feasible

We are making earthy, gender-neutral (but not just pastel yellow and green) baby and toddler apparel more widely available. Our apparel is trendy, yet timeless. It's clothing you can pass from daughter to son to daughter.

Kids grow...fast...we get it! Apparel that fits a long time is our goal. We have a limited number of footed sleepers available because footless outfits fit so much longer. We love oversized/slouchy sweaters, and stretchy fabrics. They fit so much longer! We want to help make this kind of wardrobe work for your family. If in doubt, please size up!

Sprout Baby Co. believes the clothing we put on our children matters. Eventually they will dress themselves, and explore their interests and identity, and that is GREAT. But for now, let's not close them into the boxes of our gendered society. To neutrals!!

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